Printed Leavers Hoodies

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Our leaver hoodies are printed front and back and can include student names on the back and a school or college crest.


Arctic White/French Navy
Arctic White/French Navy, Arctic White/Hot Pink
Arctic White/Hot Pink, Baby Pink/Arctic White
Baby Pink/Arctic White, Bottle Green/Fire Red
Bottle Green/Fire Red, Burgundy/Charcoal*†
Burgundy/Charcoal*†, Burgundy/Gold
Burgundy/Gold, Burgundy/Oxford Navy
Burgundy/Oxford Navy, Candyfloss Pink/Hot Pink
Candyfloss Pink/Hot Pink, Charcoal/Burgundy
Charcoal/Burgundy, Charcoal/Heather Grey
Charcoal/Heather Grey, Charcoal/Orange Crush
Charcoal/Orange Crush, Desert Sand/Vanilla Milkshake
Desert Sand/Vanilla Milkshake, Fire Red/Arctic White
Fire Red/Arctic White, Fire Red/Jet Black*
Fire Red/Jet Black*, Forest Green/Gold
Forest Green/Gold, Hawaiian Blue/Oxford Navy
Hawaiian Blue/Oxford Navy, Heather Grey/Fire Red*
Heather Grey/Fire Red*, Heather Grey/French Navy*†△
Heather Grey/French Navy*†△, Heather Grey/Jet Black
Heather Grey/Jet Black, Heather Grey/Sapphire Blue
Heather Grey/Sapphire Blue, Hot Pink/French Navy*
Hot Pink/French Navy*, Hot Pink/Heather Grey*
Hot Pink/Heather Grey*, Jet Black/Arctic White
Jet Black/Arctic White, Jet Black/Fire Red*†△, Jet Black/Fire Red*†△
Jet Black/Gold†*, Jet Black/Gold†*
Jet Black/Heather Grey †*, Jet Black/Heather Grey †*
Jet Black/Hot Pink*, Jet Black/Hot Pink*
Jet Black/Kelly Green*, Jet Black/Kelly Green*
Jet Black/Orange Crush*, Jet Black/Orange Crush*
Jet Black/Purple, Jet Black/Purple
Jet Black/Sapphire Blue*, Jet Black/Sapphire Blue*
Jet Black/Sun Yellow, Jet Black/Sun Yellow
Kelly Green/Arctic White, Kelly Green/Arctic White
Kelly Green/Sun Yellow, Kelly Green/Sun Yellow
Lime Green/Magenta Magic, Lime Green/Magenta Magic
New French Navy/Fire Red†*, New French Navy/Fire Red†*
New French Navy/Heather Grey*†△, New French Navy/Heather Grey*†△
New French Navy/Sky Blue*, New French Navy/Sky Blue*
Oxford Navy/Candyfloss Pink, Oxford Navy/Candyfloss Pink
Oxford Navy/Hawaiian Blue, Oxford Navy/Hawaiian Blue
Oxford Navy/Sun Yellow, Oxford Navy/Sun Yellow
Purple/Heather Grey, Purple/Heather Grey
Purple/Sun Yellow*, Purple/Sun Yellow*
Royal Blue/Arctic White*, Royal Blue/Arctic White*
Royal/Sun Yellow*, Royal/Sun Yellow*
Sapphire Blue/Heather Grey*, Sapphire Blue/Heather Grey*
Sapphire Blue/Lime Green, Sapphire Blue/Lime Green
Sapphire Blue/Orange Crush*, Sapphire Blue/Orange Crush*
Sky/Arctic White, Sky/Arctic White
Sun Yellow/Fire Red, Sun Yellow/Fire Red




Leaver Front 2, Leavers Front 1, Leavers Front 3, No Front Crest


Leavers Back 1, Leavers Back 2, Leavers Back 3, Leavers Back 4, Leavers Back 5, Leavers Back 6, Leavers Back 7, No Large Back Crest